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I don't post my work very often, mostly cause I am either busy working on it or busy working on other things. I also don't post very often in general.

Animation: My little pony, Digimon, Magical girl, Mecha, Power Puff Girls, Sailor Moon, DBZ, Gash Bell, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Samurai Jack, Dexter's Laboratory, Sym-Bionic Titan
Music: Ambient, Shoegaze, Progressive rock, Progressive Metal, Industrial rock, Trip Hop
Art: Drawing, Architecture, Textiles, Painting, Art History
Video games: Adventure, RPG, Horror, Survival Horror, Nintendo, Vanillaware, Metroid series, Pokemon series and spin-offs, Digimon series, Monster Rancher,
Other: Crocheting, amigurumi, computer programming

I like cute and odd things in general

    Drawing Gusty like a more traditional unicorn. I think she has the best color scheme of all the G1 ponies.

    Drawing Gusty like a more traditional unicorn. I think she has the best color scheme of all the G1 ponies.

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      Fan art of the original G1 My Little Pony line, Gusty. Beautiful!
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